Interest Rates on Loans

Sr. No.Types of LoanRate of Interest
1.Rural/Urban Housing Loan07.90%
2.S.T. Agricultural Loan5.00%
3.Cash Credit Fertilizer10.00%
4.Cash Credit (Essential Commodities)10.00%
5.M.T. Agri. Loans11.50%
6.Mai Bhago Loan Scheme7.30%
7.Revolving Cash Credit Limit10.00%
8.Non Farm Sector13.00%
9.Cold Storage/Rural Godown12.00%
10.Vehicle Loans08.50%
11.Second hand Vehicle Loan Scheme8.50%
12.CC limit to Traders10.00%
13.Two Wheeler Loan12.00%
14.Consumer Durable Loan Scheme (CD Loan)10.80%
15.Personal Loan10.80%
16.Personal Loan (Staff)8.80%
17.Loan to Students (Education Loan)11.00%
18.Coop. Education Loan to the Children of poor farmers, Dalits, SC/BC & Other Poor Sections11.00%
19.Loan against NSC/KVP10.00%
20.OD limit SB A/c (Staff/Others)08.80%
21.CC Limit - Sugar Consortium11.50%
22.Loan to Mills for cane payment11.50%
23.Cane Seed Loan to individual members of Mills11.50%
24.Loan & CC limit to L&C Societies11.00%
25.Loan & CC Limit to Industrial Societies and Weavers Societies)13.00%
26.Loan to members to milk Producers Societies10.25%
27.Dairy Loan to farmers/Mini Dairy Loan Scheme10.25%
28.Commercial Dairy Loan10.25%
29.Loan for Purchase of Cow10.25%
30.Loan against property14.00%
31.Loan Scheme for Earnest Money13.00%
32.Loan against rental income Scheme13.00%
33.Punjab Farmer Commission's Scheme -Setting up of Net House12.00%
34.Punjab Farmer Commission's Scheme - Setting up to Agri. Service Center12.00%
35.Joint Liability Group (JLG)16.00%
36.House Loan Bank Staff8.00%
37.Repair & Renovation of Rental Houses09.50%
38.Vehicle Loan Staff08.00%
39.Two Wheeler Loan to Farmer12.00%
40.Scheme for Overdraft Facility to Salary Earners13.00%
41.Personal Loan Scheme for Professionals16.00%
42.Scheme for Financing E-Rikshaw9.50%
43.Sehkari Green Energy Loan Scheme10.50%
44.Saral Vyapar Loan Scheme12.00%
45.S.T Agriculture (Overdue)6.00%
46.Piggery Loan Scheme10.25%
47.Goat Rearing Loan Scheme10.25%
48.Bee-Keeping Loan Scheme10.25%
49.Fishery Development Loan Scheme10.25%
50.Cooperative Liquidity facility(CLF) Loan Scheme7.75%
51.Liquidity Support Scheme(LSS) Loan Scheme7.75%
52.Medium Term Loan To Farmers(MTLF)7.75%
Earnest Money: Fixed by the Bank